With our guild reaching a mile stone of 35 years a special project is being worked on and your help is needed

Please share your historic photos of the Northeast Iowa Quilters' Guild and be part of the celebration of 35 years of stitching and quilting! I will create a slide show of photos, which will be shown at our celebrations next March. I also hope to eventually make the slide show accessible on YouTube and our guild website to share with everyone.

What are you looking for?
We are especially interested in photos of you and other members, officers, award winning quilts, your first quilt, all of your quilts in one photo, quilt shows, workshops, challenges, bus trips, retreats. You get the idea. I think that people pictures are the most interesting, though people with quilts will be even better.
How many shall I bring?
Let's try to limit each member to 5 personal photos, though if you have many more that are "historically significant" to the organization, we will take them. Please identify who is in the photo and what the occasion is. We will try to label as many as possible.  

What should I do with the photos I have?
If you have digital files, send them to nsojka@gmail.com.
If you have print photos, bring them to a Guild meeting in an envelope with your name and phone number or email address on it, so that photos can be returned to you after scanning. 
You can also deliver to Red Roxy's in Decorah and they will get them to me. I will get them scanned and returned to you as soon as possible. 
If you have video of quilt shows or demonstrations, I could incorporate those, as well. 

When do you want these photos?
As soon as possible. I am hoping to be in a warmer climate for a couple of weeks in January, so before January 15 would be great. January 13 is a sewing day. It could also be a photo scanning day!

If you have questions, direct them to me at nsojka@gmail.com.